Cash Management

Effective cash management can be critical to a business's success. NorStates Bank's experienced Cash Management Team can custom-tailor a strategy for your business to maximize earnings while minimizing your administrative tasks.

Cash Management
  • Cash Management Services

    Remote Deposit CaptureEliminate trips to the bank by depositing checks from your office.

    Online BankingTransfer funds, pay bills, view accounts 24/7 from any computer.

    ACH Origination—Allows your company to collect payments electronically.

    ACH Disbursement—Allows your company to make payments electronically, including direct deposit of payroll.

    Merchant Services—Allows your business to accept payment by credit and debit cards.

    Other Services—A wide range of other services including wire transfers, EFTPS Payments, night depository, lock bags, and more.

  • Checking & Savings Products

    Our cash management services are available with any NorStates Bank business account. No matter how big or small your business is, we have the account for you.

  • Think Possible

    Options are good. That's why our products simplify and improve your living, no matter which accounts, services or loans fit you best.

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