MasterCard® Debit Card with UChoose Rewards®

Every NorStates Bank personal checking account comes with a free MasterCard® debit card. Our debit card includes UChoose Rewards® with every signature-based purchase. You earn one point for every $2 you spend with your debit card—whether you're buying groceries, gas, or shopping. Redeem your points for great items such as electronics, gift cards, travel vacations, and hundreds more!

MasterCard<sup>&reg;</sup> Debit Card with UChoose Rewards<sup>&reg;</sup>
  • Summary

    • Free MasterCard® debit card
    • Safer and more convenient than carrying cash
    • Accepted millions of locations worldwide
    • Withdraw cash from ATMs
    • Redeem rewards for the item(s) of your choice
    • Earn reward points every time you make a purchase with your MasterCard® debit card (Signature-based transactions)
    • To comply with federal regulations regarding network exclusivity limitations, NorStates Bank has PIN-less debits enabled through our PIN network, Accel. A merchant may elect to route your purchase through the PIN network even in instances where you do not utilize your PIN to complete your transaction. Transactions processed through the PIN network do not count towards your transaction requirements. You may ask a merchant to process your transaction as "credit" instead of "debit" to route your purchase transaction through the MasterCard® network. The merchant may or may not comply with your request.
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