REALTunes® Checking

Get the rewards you deserve with our REALTunes® Checking – including music, apps, books, movies, and much more! Earn iTunes® and/or® reimbursements* each monthly qualification cycle. Plus, there is no minimum balance to earn rewards and automatic, nationwide ATM fee refunds* - not just in Lake County & Northeast Illinois, but nationwide!

REALTunes<sup>&reg;</sup> Checking
  • Summary

    • Sign up and earn up to $9.95 in iTunes® and/or® reimbursements*
    • Earn up to $4.95 in iTunes® and/or® reimbursements each monthly qualification cycle*
    • Nationwide ATM fee refunds*
    • No monthly service fee
    • No minimum balance to earn rewards
    • Free online banking with bill pay
    • Free eStatements with check images
    • Unlimited check writing with no per-check fees
    • Free MasterCard® debit card with UChoose Rewards®
    • FDIC Insured
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    *The minimum to open account is $50 You will be refunded up to $9.95 (which includes any applicable sales tax) for iTunes® and/or® purchases that post to and settle to your account during the first 60 days after you open account. Refunds will be credited to account on the last day of statement cycle in which refundable purchases were made. In addition, each qualification cycle, earn up to $4.95 (which includes any applicable sales tax) in refunds of iTunes and/or purchases if qualifications are met during previous monthly qualification cycle. Purchases must be made using your NorStates Bank MasterCard® debit card associated with your REALTunes account. Qualifying transactions must post to and settle to your account during monthly qualification cycle. Transactions may take one or more banking days from date transaction was made to post to and settle to your account. ATM-processed transactions, PIN based transactions, and transfers between accounts do not count towards qualifying debit card transactions.To comply with federal regulations regarding network exclusivity limitations, NorStates Bank has PIN-less debits enabled through our PIN network, Accel. A merchant may elect to route your purchase through the PIN network even in instances where you do not utilize your PIN to complete your transaction. Transactions processed through the PIN network do not count towards your transaction requirements. You may ask a merchant to process your transaction as "credit" instead of "debit" to route your purchase transaction through the MasterCard® network. The merchant may or may not comply with your request "Monthly Qualification Cycle" means a period beginning one day prior to the first day of the current statement cycle through one day prior to the close of the current statement cycle. Nationwide ATM fees incurred during qualification cycle will be reimbursed up to $25 if qualifications are met within monthly qualification cycle. iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. and is a registered trademark of Amazon, Inc. Apple, Inc. and Amazon, Inc. are not participants in or sponsors of this program.

  • Qualifications

    The low down on the downloads is really quite simple. Just do the following each monthly qualification cycle.

    • Have at least 10 signature based debit card purchases post and settle
    • Be enrolled and log in to Online Banking
    • Be enrolled and receive eStatements

    Pretty simple, eh? You're probably already doing these. But, if you don't qualify during a cycle... no worries. REALTunes® Checking is still a free account and you can re-qualify for the iTunes® and/or® reimbursements and Nationwide ATM fee refunds the very next cycle.

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