It's the easy and green way to receive your monthly bank statements — eStatements are free, convenient, and more secure than receiving paper statements through the mail. You can easily view the same information you would in your paper statement by simply logging into online banking, and viewing your statements there. It's really that easy. Save time, save a tree, and enroll in eStatements today!

  • Summary

    • Free for online banking users
    • Conveniently view statements 24/7
    • Green solution that helps eliminate paper waste
    • More secure than receiving statements through the mail
    • Quick online access of statements helps save you time
    • Reduces unwanted paper clutter
    • No filing necessary — download statements as needed
    • Easily access up to 18 months of statements

  • Get Started

    Once you are enrolled in online banking, follow these simple steps:

    1. Once you are logged into online banking, select "Statements" on the left hand side

    2. Read the Electronic Statement Disclosure

    3. Open the PDF document that will display your code by selecting the "eSign document"

    4. Enter the 5 digit code into the box labeled "eSign Confirmation Code"

    5. Click "I Agree"

    6. Select the checking and/or savings account you wish to enroll in eStatements, then click "NEXT"

    7. Review your statement delivery options, then click "Enroll"

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